What is an EdCafe?

An EdCafe is a way to structure class that promotes student choice and ownership over learning. The model was inspired by EdCamps, where participants build the schedule and choose what sessions to attend. This bottom-up approach shifts energy, engagement, and opportunity for exploration to the students, and transforms the teacher into expert facilitator instead of gatekeeper/manager.

How do students benefit?

– low-risk presentation skills

– student generated topics

– student run discussion groups

– authentic note taking

– student generated paper topics

What does it look like?

At first, it looks like this: Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 (Teacher Created, Student Run)

EdCafe - LotF

A day (with TakeAways) can look like this: Brave New World EdCafes (Student Created, Student Run)

EdCafe - BNW

A whole unit looks like this: Frankenstein EdCafes (Student Created)


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