EdCafe in Action

Scroll down to hear about the amazing ways teachers and students are using EdCafes in their classrooms!

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • University / Higher Ed
  • Professional Development for Teachers

… in Elementary School

  • Tracey Mercier, with her 3rd Graders
    • “My para and I kept stealing glances at each other and giving each other big thumbs up.  I have to tell you we were incredibly proud of our kiddos.  The manner in which they were engaged and the social skills they were exhibiting, not to mention the literacy that was going on!  I have to say they did not need us; we sat back and soaked up the conversations.”
  • Kenwood Tech Time, Kenwood Elementary, Champaign, IL
    • “At Kenwood Tech Time, we encourage a lot of exploration and independent work.  By the end of the day, even if we all start with the same basic activity, lots of the projects look radically different from each other.  We put a “Show & Tell” at the end, so the students could have time to discuss the different choices they made, but very soon we couldn’t handle the sheer volume of students who wanted to display their work.  The EdCafe format helps tremendously, providing a platform for multiple students to present at once, and transforming a fairly standard Show & Tell experience into something more like a conference or convention.” via Travis Faust, also contact Todd Lash for more great things happening at Kenwood

…in Middle School 

[coming soon – if you want to contribute here, please contact @katrinakennett

…in High School 

  • Ryan Kerr, in 9th grade English, poetry unit

  • Beth Sanders, Ruckus Maker. World Shaker. Youth Converts Culture Co-Founder.

  • Kerry Gallagher, secondary History and technology, GREAT post on how she set it all up
    • “I will definitely use the EdCafe again.  My students have lots of questions and ideas that don’t get air time during a normal class period. Students’ academic experience should be just as much about what they are required to learn (based on curriculum and Common Core) as it is about pursuing the ideas and controversies that fascinate them.  EdCafe provides a place to balance all of these priorities.”

…in University Settings

…in Professional Development

[coming soon – if you’re using EdCafes in PD, let me know! @katrinakennett]

In the meantime, there’s calls for it 🙂


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