Advice for Students: Leading and Attending

Advice for Leading an EdCafe Session  

1)  Create Your Topic – consider a text, theme, question, idea, thesis, etc and take notes on why you want to explore it. Come up with a catchy title for your session to drum up interest. Post your session title on the class schedule.

2)    Stand Up – briefly explain what your session will be about and why people should come discuss with you.

3)    Lay the Foundation – speak from your notes for about a minute, giving the group ideas, questions, and a focus before the conversation starts.

4)   Lead a Great Discussion – draw upon the strengths of your group members! Keep the discussion on topic, but use the different perspectives of your group members to make connections and come to new understandings.

5)    Take Away – stand up and give the class an idea from your conversation, a question that you’re still considering, or something that they should think about.

Congrats, you’re done! Enjoy attending the next session.

Advice for Attending an EdCafe

1)    Listen closely to the choices you have available – consider what the presenter says and their session title and what insights it could offer.

2)    Choose the session you’re most interested in, that sounds thought provoking, or that you think you will learn a lot from (avoid just sticking with your friends – the session is only a few minutes, they’ll be there after).

3)    Take good notes! You never know when you’ll come back to them – for other sessions, for a paper, because you forgot something. Since you’re taking so many notes, you’ll find yourself getting more efficient – consider organization, shorthand, visual layout, etc as you develop your notetaking style.

4)    Jot down your Take Away – when the presenter gives the whole class theirs, write one too – it will give you a quick summary to refer back to later.

Interested in reading how other students felt about their EdCafes? Read their reflections here.

USHRS EdCafe Reflections


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